What UZT is secured by? 

Each UZT is secured by UZS in cash, in a Bank, or partially in cash or non-cash.

Where is the deposited money and who manages it? 

They are in the current bank accounts of the company. It is managed by the Tanga company with daily audits by the servicing banks. 

Is Tanga and UZT legal?

Yes, legal. A copy of an email sent to NAPM or a response to an email received from NAPM 

Who are the Tanga customers? And why do they use UZT?

Tanga clients are citizens and non-citizens of the Republic of Uz. Payment services and UZT transfers between wallets are popular among users.

What is the difference among other stablecoins?

The difference is that UZT is backed by the national currency UZS and we use Stellar blockchain technology that provides users the lowest transaction fees. 

How does Tanga develop its user community? 

Tanga helps the community to sell, buy, send, and give … 

What is the business model of Tanga? How does it earn money? 

Like all stablecoins, Tanga opens a bridge between cryptocurrencies and the national currency. Tanga earns a commission when selling and buying. 

What is UZT?

UZT is a crypto asset issued by Tanga in order to make it easier for people to transfer money, pay for services and help their relatives by making the commission amount the lowest on the market. 

 Is the UZT crypto asset really stable? 

Yes, because UZT is not listed on any exchange and the issue of UZT is strictly controlled by the audit company X 

Where can I buy UZT? 

The Tanga community who helps with mass adoption of UZT. Telegram community channel: t.me/tanga_community 

Can I exchange UZT for fiat or UZS and Vice versa? 

Yes, you can.

Are there plans to add other cryptocurrencies to the exchange?

Yes, we will take into account your wishes about which cryptocurrencies to add to the exchange wallet and will definitely add them.

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